"How can be our municipality managed better?" - CleverDoer Usage Example

Let us imagine that you are the major, councillor or citizen of the municipality.
And you have many questions in your head...

So how to find the answers for them?

The first step is to join together:
  1. Goals - What is our key goal and how can we decompose it into the smaller one?
  2. Actions - Which actions types and particular actions leading to goals can be done upon the available data?
  3. Data - Which data are available for that and which more useful views can be built upon them?
How could the map of joined goals, actions and data look like?

OK, great, we have the map.
It is useful for capturing and sharing the know-how of turning data into actions leading to goals.

But how to utilize it smoothly and efficiently in everyday practice?
This is the job of CleverDoer, the cloud service, which enables you to:
  1. connect it to your reporting/analytical systems
  2. connect it to your systems used to distribution of tasks - emails, sheets, task managers or whatever application or service, 
  3. define the rules how to transform report results into tasks
  4. and execute them regularly, reliably, relentlessly.

OK, great, we execute some actions.
But were they meaningful? Shall we repeat them? Can we improve them somehow?

If we want to improve something, we must to measure it first.
You can recognize 3 phases of tasks' results measurement: 
  1. Was the task executed by its executor? Yes / No / Why?
  2. What was the task's immediate output?
  3. What was the task's impact, has it let to its goal?
CleverDoer will help you with this in a simple way:
  • You define there the ways how to measure the task execution, outputs and impacts.
  • It provides you with the relevant information afterwards.
  • So you have all the necessary to learn and improve your knowledge of turning data into actions leading to goals.;-)
Example of the ,municipality  budgets source data for Czechia available at https://monitor.statnipokladna.cz/analyza/ - Source Type: Energy, Purpose: Public Lighting, Organization: Město Polička. 

Interested in our topic? Discover more at www.cleverdoer.com.


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