Why CleverDoer is here

Billions of dollars have been spent for Analytical / Business intelligence solutions at large corporations and SME businesses in total. 

Have they brought what had been expected? Do we utilize the potential of the technology? The frank answer is no. Not at all. Probably not from the half at least.

That is the reason why we are here. 

In order to change it. In order to find whatever barrier for that and overcome it. We have some ideas how to do it, many others wait to be discovered and overcome. 

We really appreciate if you join us at that marvelous journey in whatever role you are:
  • business starving for the better utilization of you tons of data in your processes, 
  • vendor of analytical/bi tools determined to provide your customers with better tools or services,
  • teacher at university or business or IT school trying prepare your students for their professional lives as much as possible.

Interested in our topic?  Discover more at www.cleverdoer.com.


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