How to capture the knowledge of turning data into actions leading to goals.

No report earned a penny. The actions did. Therefore the result of data analysis is NOT a long report nor a gorgeous dashboard BUT the actions leading to your goals.

The first trick is to capture the knowledge of  turning data into actions leading to goals". It must be simple, intuitive, shareable, scalable. We believe that Goal - Actions - Data journeys can be the right tool for that. 

Similarly to Customer journeys they describe something invisible, untouchable, abstract but with the severe implication on your business - whatever your "business" is from the common company, non governmental or governmental organization or personal stuff like accommodation.

GAD journey consists from the four simple elements
  1. Goals you want to reach you can decompose from the strategic to the operational and vice versa.
  2. Actions you can detail from the general to the specific, particular and vice versa.
  3. Data you have or can have you can expand from the raw data to more decision-able information and vice versa.
The GAD journey binds these three elements together into some actionable stuff. 

Let us show it in the example of B2B sales.
  1. The goal "Sell more" can be decomposed into many operational goals, one of them is "Take care about leaving important customers".
  2. The action "take care about leaving important customers" can be detailed to task "Call him and investigate his situation", "Offer the retention offer" etc.
  3. The data about historical sales can be expanded like "Important customers" means "They bought from us more than X"or "They belong to 20% of customers bringing us 80% revenue" and "Leaving customers" means "They bought from us X months/weeks/days ago for the last time" or "Probability of leave is greater than Y%".
As you have surely realized, all three elements - goals, actions and data - meet in the term "Take care about leaving important customers". This is the name of the GAD journey. This is the guideline how to reach your goals by actions based on the data available. 

So, the first step is  done. 

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