How does CleverDoer help you to explore of your data efficiently?

BI folks repeat it over and over again: "We have done so marvelous dashboards, but (stupid) business users want the export to Excel". With no effort spent to understand the reason of that. What has to change?

The first step can be to admit that the dashboard is NOT THE ONLY output of their work. That actions bring the money. Our CleverDoer concept has the following 3 steps to handle this.

1. Change the mindset of you and your the team - "No report earned a penny. The action does." Do you agree?  So why do the Data Analytical or Business Intelligence teams usually contain only "Data Diggers" who analyze the data and no "Doers" who utilize the data? 

Because these are the very different people. You need to create the efficient and secure environment to let these "water and fire" people to communicate together intensively on a daily basis, on site or remotely. This is the core prerequisite for further steps. The agile approach with "Scrum master" mediator role is hopefully an inspiration for that. You can make this yourself. External HR/Agile consultant can be the right helper for that.

2. Make the Consultancy Exercise - Start with the "big question" like "How to increase our sales?" or "How to manage our municipality better?", decompose this question to particular goals, actions which can lead to these goals and data which are usable for that. 

CleverDoer Maps are useful tool for that. You can do this yourself. Experienced BI consultant can streamline the adoption of the approach.

3. Automate the Process - So, you have discovered the triples "if data are this, do this, it will lead to this" like "If these important customers are leaving, nurture them in this way to reach their retention." Many of triples, ideas, rules like this, tens or hundreads of them. Regularly. You need them to be executed by your "doers" - salesmen, buyers, municipal officials, service technicians etc. Learn from their results to further improve. And last, but not least learn you AI to recommend you the right actions in the right time in an automated way.  

Current BI tools usually finish with the reports and the so called "reverse ETL" is not a productized feature yetCleverDoer App tries to fill in this gap and enable common business users to convert the results of the appropriate reports to the tasks delivered to the right people in the right form to the right tool. And enable them to gather the feedback, output, outcomes i.e. to learn and improve systematically.

Yes, covering all 3 points above is not an easy task. May be this is the cause, why the worlds of "data diggers" and "doers" remain isolated at many levels even these days. "We have done so nice dashboard in so nice BI tool ...and the f**cking business users still want the export to Excel?!" is a great symptom, sign of that. But this can be changed and it is a huge opportunity.

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